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Malsys is open-source!

8th of February 2015: Finally! After three years of postponing I have managed to find some time to open the source codes. Check out the GitHub repository.

The primary idea behind opening the source is to share some nice solutions and techniques with the community. Also, there is no reason to keep the sources in secret.


Web modernization

21st of July 2014: Malsys was modernized and some features were improved. This was done because I was "forced" to move it from school's server to my own so I decided to make some improvements on the way. Not all parts of the web are moved yet but the main parts are.

I would like to thank Faculty of Mathematics and Physics for hostig this web for two years after my graduation. Now it is on my private server.

Currently I am considering to allow embed L-systems in iframes on ther websites (in the similar ways as YouTube videos) so if you think this is good idea, let me know!


Optimized SVGs and Dev Diary

on 10th of June 2013: And here it is, an update after a half of year (exactly 180 days :)! SVG renderer is now generating much smaller SVGs. The optimizations are described in newly added Dev Diary.

The Dev diary was on the web for a long time but I never published it. Now you can read about implementation of APNG renderer which was done a long time ago.

I also linked my G+ page in the page footer so you can see what I am up to.


Cool video and optimizations

on 12th of December 2012: To demonstrate strength of modular design of Malsys, I've created an environmental module — a component which allows to query position of current point against given height-map image (environment). With the environmental module I've made a simulation of growth of trees in shape of HPCG lab at Purdue University (where I am currently studying). Here is a link for the video:

Environmental module do not work on web though.

Thanks to this endevour I've found huge performance issue and processing is now roughly 4-times faster.


New discussion and in-line help

on 23rd of August 2012: New simple discussion system was implemented. Now it is possible to ask and talk about Malsys right on the page and comment saved L-systems in the gallery! Also there is new in-line help in L-system processor which will help with creating new L-systems in a great way!

I decided to implement my own discussion system instead of using some third party solution. This showed as quite good idea because this system is used as simple forum, as comments in the gallery and as this news system.

L-system processor have been upgraded with in-line help which will help with finding of possible gettable/settable properties of currently used process configurations along with them description.

Also, Google +1 button was added to allow sharing this page more easily!