July 2012

Dev diary: Creation of PNG animation renderer

4 Conclusion

By writing this extension, I demonstrated how modular design of Malsys allows to do non-trivial extensions to L-system rendering. Animations are awesome! Also, I've learned a lot about PNG binary format structure.

Recently I discovered WebP image format which seems to be better for animated images. I might write WebP renderer some day.

By the way, in pre-Malsys days, I wrote an L-system animation and made a video of it. I thought it would be appropriate to show it here since it would be quite simple to transform the old L-system source to syntax of Malsys and make an animation out of it. The only problem might be that it has around 160 frames :)

Anyways, thanks for reading all the way to the and don't forget to leave some comment!


Simple PNG reader and writer described in this article can be downloaded here.